Over the past few years, many have decided that investing in residential or commercial property in the Gambia has a lot of benefits.

As an asset class, property is vast, varied and full of potential. A particularly popular investment choice, the large array of property opportunities available in the market generally means there’s an opportunity out there to suit every investor, no matter how large, small, long term or regular their investment capacity may be.

Gambia offers a number of Residential and Tourism development projects which are a favorite among investors as they have historically provided strong growth returns through an easy-to-understand structure.
Moreover, an asset backed investment into property – where an investors’ share is a visible and tangible asset – often appeals to those investors who want something tangible to invest their money into, as opposed to an investment into an early stage, high growth SME opportunity.

When you come to a conclusion; that you want to invest in a Gambian property make sure you have a local established and experienced law firm that can assist you during the process.

Property Finding Service
As stated earlier, GamRealty is not a estate agent. However, we offer a property finding service for investors through our website. If you would like to use this service, you can utilize our platform to search for available properties, project and lands and find properties that meet your specifications.

There is a cost for our services. A fee will be charged to Unlock full listing details so you are able to contact property or project owner or agent directly.

The main reason you are being charged is so we can maintain our platform as a team of dedicated staff is working on a daily basis to keep it up-to-date and improve future user experience.