Investment opportunities in Real Estate and Tourism Development for the Gambia.

As an asset class, property is vast, varied and full of potential. A particularly popular investment choice, the large array of property opportunities available in the market generally means there’s an opportunity out there to suit every investor, no matter how large, small, long term or regular their investment capacity may be.

Gambia offers a number of Residential and Tourism development projects which are a favorite among investors as they have historically provided strong growth returns through an easy-to-understand structure.
Moreover, an asset backed investment into property – where an investors’ share is a visible and tangible asset – often appeals to those investors who want something tangible to invest their money into, as opposed to an investment into an early stage, high growth SME opportunity.

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General Information

Investment opportunities in Tourism Industry
Tourism is undoubtedly the fasting growing sector in the Gambian economy. It is the biggest foreign exchange earner and is a major source of employment. Tourism accounts for about 16% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. There are great opportunities that can be exploited in the Tourism Sector. The number of hotels has increased from a couple when the industry began in 1960’s to nearly three dozen which are mostly dotted along our palm-fringed beaches. There is still considerable room for expansion. There are vast stretches of beautiful coastline available for the building of hotels and other tourism facilities in the Tourism Development Area. In this area, hotels of 4 and 5 star class will be given preference. The River Gambia is also open for the development cruising, sport fishing and eco-tourism resorts.

Investment opportunities in Real Estate development
The Gambia Africa is set to be a great place to invest in real estate and has been staring investors in the face for some years.

The Gambian government is totally committed to business development and free enterprise. It has a reputation as a tranquil, secure destination with property laws based on the British system, low inflation, fiscal stability and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It seems that Gambia is ripe for investors. The Gambia was for many years a British colony and is one of the smallest and safest countries in Africa. For many European holiday makers Gambia is around 6 hours in flight time and has the added advantage of no jet lag.

If you are looking for off-plan property, the opportunities right now are available, and at very low costs. There are also a number of inhabitable existing properties that can be had for a very small investment. Some properties have been constructed and just need to be finished out, pending a sale. If you are looking for a good international investment, it’s hard to go wrong in Gambia.

Accessibility is key to growth, with direct flights from Europe and the United States or simply hop on a 30 minute commuter flight to Dakar airport where you can pick up direct flights to Paris, New York, Toronto, Rio, Dubai, the Middle East, and South East Asia. UK overseas property buyers are only a six-hour flight from the UK with no jet-lag. The Gambia coast offers miles of superb golden beaches and the vibrancy of Bakau, Serrekunda and the capital, Banjul, is as colorful African as you might imagine. Language barriers have never been a problem in Gambia its a fact that the average Gambian can speak up 3 languages some see this as a sign of ethnic harmony.

Construction aimed at investors is underway at numerous locations in the Gambia. These investment opportunities come in the form of modern housing and tourism development.

So the secret is out about Gambia as an investment property market with huge potential.