Sunbeach Village Development | Sanyang

Sunbeach Village Development | Sanyang
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The Sun beach village project is a site and service scheme comprising the development of a 43 hectares piece of land in Sanyang village. A site and service scheme is an improved version of the conventional or public land allocation system. The land is to be developed by simply putting in the necessary infrastructure which would include the construction of a wide road network made of laterite stones and hard paved with blocks, a developed play ground, a fully developed school with buildings, a well equipped medical centre, a green park, fully developed supermarket, a water reticulation network, a 3 phase over head electricity distribution system and a sound drainage system.

The land will be demarcated into 520 plots ranging in size from 450m2 to 1000m2 .The total project cost is estimated at D803, 000,000. The project has the distinctive advantage of providing the beneficiaries with the opportunity to opt for a turnkey arrangement with Swami or a contractor-built house or a less expensive own-built house which allows for much participation and decision making by the beneficiary. There is a greater access to housing in a site and service scheme than in a completed housing option.

Project Site and Location
Sanyang is located in Kombo north along the coastal strip. Agriculture is the main land use. Sanyang is a typical rural village that is gradually changing in character as an urban settlement because of increase commercial activity, tourism and fishing.

The Sun Beach Village project is a 43-hectares land area with an estimated cost of USD28 million. The total land area is demarcated into 520 plots, ranging from 450m2 to 1000m2 in sizes. The project is the most attractive site and service scheme in The Gambia due to its nearness to the beach (3 minutes walk) and the provision of other essential infrastructure such as a wide internal road network, water and electricity supplies to your doorstep, a supermarket, a nursery school, a playground etc.

This site and service scheme also gives clients the opportunity to buy plots that can be payable over a period of twelve months. It also gives them the flexibility to opt for their own contractor or partner with Global Properties to build their dream house with a flexible payment plan. With a track record of affordability and quality houses, Global Properties in partnership with Swami India International makes your dream of owning a sea view property a reality.

The site where the project is located is four kilometers away from the coastal high way. The land has sandy or loamy surface and flat in nature slightly sloping towards the beach and the vegetation is all grass land.

The project is located within the area designated for agricultural use but the developer has planning approval for change of land use to residential. The site falls within the jurisdiction of the State lands Act that is under the control of central government. The Act recognises the existence of two different kinds of land teneurship within its jurisdiction i.e. traditional or customary ownership and the allocation system characterized by a proper legal registration system. Swami has legal title to the property with a duly registered lease of the land in question.

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